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Legal Research and Writing

French > English


Do you want to make sure your text is culturally and linguistically adapted to suit your reader? Allow me to help you do so!


I will render your materials from French into English all while closely maintaining the content, context and style of your source text.


I always ensure that the final product reflects the purpose and tone that you wish to convey. Allow me to provide you with accurate, timely and reliable translations in a variety of marketing fields.

English Proofreading 

& Editing


✓ I can revise and proofread your text to ensure native fluency in English.

✓ I can guarantee that your document is concise, cohesive and coherent.

✓ I can act as a second set of eyes to cast over important details.


Whatever your needs may be, you can count on me to take a thorough and precise approach in order to give your text the professional polish it deserves.


I am well acquainted with the importance of accuracy in both language and content and strive to deliver only the best results.

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