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  • Jasmine Heesaker

5 tips from my creativity toolkit

As a marketing translator, creativity is key. Coming up with trendy catchphrases, witty one-liners and unforgettable taglines can become exhausting day after day. I know I sometimes feel as though I just can't muster enough flare. If that sounds all too familiar, I have put together 5 quick tips to help you keep your creativity at an all-time high, your puns quirky and your marketing translations on point.

1) Read

Oh no, here we go again. I might sound like a broken record, but reading is a fantastic pass-time for creative types like marketing translators. I'm not suggesting reading large tomes on marketing techniques or translation through the ages.... I am suggesting that you pick up something completely unrelated to your profession so that you can allow your mind to switch gears. Reading is the perfect way to wind down and allow your mind to be consumed by something other than translating. I always pick up fantastic new vocabulary words or remind myself of some fabulous words that I should be using in my translations. Sometimes one magic word can sneak its way into various translations for weeks to come.

2) Get out

Moving your translation workstation outdoors or simply to another location other than the comfort of your own home is a great way to get some inspiration. Breathing in the fresh air outside or people watching at your favourite café are great ways to refill your well of creativity. Taking yourself out of your daily routine and opening your mind to a new atmosphere can help give you a new perspective and a renewed sense of motivation. This can be just the push you need to shift your thinking so that you can muster up some creativity bombs.

3) Get crafty

Allowing yourself to get creative in other ways outside of work is a great way to boost your marketing translation creativity. Zoning out and letting your thoughts run wild is sometimes what you need to recharge your creative battery. Getty crafty and changing up how you get creative in your daily life is a great way to round out your creative side. Try picking up an adult paint by numbers or colour by numbers book. I know it sounds childish, but I find it extremely therapeutic and calming. It relaxes my mind and allows me the freedom to think about anything other than translation so that I can give myself a fresh start.

4) Exercise

Of course, exercise had to make it onto the list. I don't expect you to become a marathon runner or a bodybuilder, but moving your body is a great way to calm the body and rejuvenate the mind. I usually opt for short yoga sessions or brisk walks. I find that once I step away from my computer and start moving my body, my mind (and creative juices) also starts to get moving. All of a sudden, great catchphrases or perfectly charismatic words start flooding in and I feel ready to get back on the horse.

5) Browse social media

This may seem counter intuitive to some... but I find that browsing social media, listening to the radio and watching TV helps me flick on my creative lightbulb. It can be easy to get carried away with browsing social media, but when used in moderation, I find that it can help spark my creativity. As a marketing translator, staying up to date on the latest trends is crucial. Browsing social media to find out the latest news, discover which ads are drawing people in and observing how brands interact with their audiences to keep them coming back for more is invaluable information.

How do you stay creative? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Jasmine Heesaker

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Why having a pet may just be one of the best things for your freelance career.

As I sit by my computer with my two cats sleeping nearby, I can't help but wonder how many other freelancers out there are joined everyday by a "furry" colleague or otherwise. And then it got me thinking about how my day would be a lot harder to get through without them...

Here are 4 reasons why having a pet just might make you a better freelancer:

1. Balance

Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, bird, hamster or snake...whatever it may be, all animals love and appreciate routine. There is nothing quite like begin woken up a 6 AM to a meowing cat or being cuddled off the bed by man's best friend. When your pets expect a certain routine from you, you have to deliver. Pets are the best alarm clocks and reminders. They wake you up every morning to feed them, bug you in the afternoon to walk them or play with them and have you looking forward to the evening when you can cuddle with them. As creatures of habit, our pets can help us fall into a steady daily routine framed by habit, helping to draw the line between when you work and when you play.

2. Excuse for a break

Pets give you an excuse to take a break. Plain and simple. The cat is hungry, the dog is restless, the bird needs playing with, the rabbit needs to be let out, the list could go on. As freelancers, we can often go hours without leaving our computer desk. Pets magically know when it’s time to get up and go out, reminding you that you need to do a little leg-stretching yourself. They give us that push for a much needed break from the computer, which can in turn, improve your overall productivity. I know I magically form new thoughts and get clearer ideas after coming back to my computer after a 30-minute break.

3. Stress relief

It is a well-known fact that animals can help with stress relief. We have all heard about animals being brought into nursing homes and hospitals to help people with numerous things. Increasing self-esteem, reducing feelings of anxiety and isolation and decreasing blood pressure and heart rate are just a few of the benefits of enjoying the companionship of a pet. As freelancers, many of us work from home day in and day out. Having a pet to help pass the day can make all the difference in staying happy and healthy.

4. Curb loneliness

Many freelancers struggle with feelings of loneliness when working from home. Interacting with people over the computer just isn't the same as having them there in person. Pets can help ease loneliness as they are perfectly happy to just hang out and share their lives with us. Having a pet can break up the cycle of the same slog day after day.

Do you have a pet? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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  • Jasmine Heesaker

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

March 2019 Edition


Thank you for your patience! I hope you enjoy this month's compilation. In no particular order:

(Mar 13, 2019)

This article reports findings on the number of P.E.I. residents that consider French their first language.

(Mar 31, 2019)

This article delves into the ways that voice recognition software is adapting to suit "Franglais."

(Mar 20, 2019)

This article goes into some of the history behind International Francophonie Day in Canada.

(Mar 22, 2019)

This article goes behind the scenes of the first ever NHL game to be broadcast in Plains Cree.

(Mar 11, 2019)

This article explores why Ottawa says it's time to modernize the decades-old law.

(Mar 28, 2019)

This article talks about a new Canadian film that aims to preserve the endangered dialects of British Columbia’s Haida people.

(Mar 31, 2019)

This article discusses why the use of the French language in New Brunswick has decreased since the turn of the millennium.

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments below.

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