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Can You Still Grow Your Business During A Pandemic?

Digital Marketing Strategies for Freelance Translators

The short answer is, yes! In fact, I think that digital marketing has become even more effective than ever before. With so many people staying at home, working remotely and using the internet as a way to connect with others, now is a great time to ramp up your marketing efforts and grow your business.

Companies are looking to hire remote workers more than ever, and as freelance translators, we have a leg up on the competition. We already know the ropes of working remotely and know what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Here are my top 4 tips on how to improve your digital marketing strategy during a pandemic:

1. Revamp your website

Now is a great time to update your website. I’m willing to bet that you have a bit more time on your hands (if not a lot more), so why not make the most of it? In my opinion, your personal website is the best tool in your arsenal for proving to new clients that you are professional, reliable and above all, credible. Start by updating your “About Me” section with any new accomplishments/credentials and add testimonials from new clients (or create a testimonials section). You may even want to work on tweaking your website for mobile use. Translator’s often overlook creating a mobile-friendly website. However, so many of us use our phones to browse the web and you wouldn’t want a potential client to struggle to find the “Contact Me” button. Lastly, I’m sure you’ve heard talk about SEO lately, and for good reason. SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization” and it’s what helps new clients find your website amongst the sea of competitors. Now is the time to read up on how you can improve your website’s SEO so that your website rises to the top of Google search results!

2. Revive your blog

With so many people at home on their laptops, smartphones and tablets, now is the time to revive your blog and start creating some content! And if you haven’t already created a blog, there is no better time than the present. Blogging is a great way to get your name out there and engage new clients, meet new colleagues and let out some of your creative energy. Many translators might not see the advantages of having a blog––however––speaking from personal experience, I have met so many new colleagues and made business connections because of my blog. If you have the time, why not give it a shot?

3. Engage on social media

Using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for business has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. I always encourage translators to create business pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as a way of getting involved in their industry. These platforms are a great springboard for engaging with other translators and even new clients! More and more companies are using social media accounts to onboard new employees, interact with their clients and make new business connections. If you are going to be browsing social media anyways, you might as well keep your eye open for new opportunities. The best part of all is that it doesn’t even feel like work.

4. Double down on email marketing

Market to new clients

I will preface this by saying that email prospecting needs to be done thoughtfully and strategically. Please don’t send out generic emails to every translation agency or business under the sun. Since we are all stuck inside for the foreseeable future, attending in-person conferences, seminars, workshops and business meetups is out of the question. Since we can’t exactly go out and meet people in person, now is the time to do your research and send out personalized emails to prospective new clients explaining why working with you would benefit their company/organization. For example, take a look at their website and let them know why getting X section of their website translated could be beneficial to them. Don’t expect to get answers back from everyone, but you will never know unless you try!

Email existing clients

Many companies have seen a downturn in their business activities during the pandemic. Clients who usually bombard you with jobs may have gone radio silent. Now is the time to send them a friendly email and ask how they are doing. In doing so, you can also let them know that you have been doing X, Y and Z to improve yourself/your business during this time and gently remind them that you are ready to take on any new jobs whenever they start coming through again. Nudging clients is probably one of the most effective and least-used marketing techniques out there. I encourage you to give it a try, you may just be surprised by the results!

This article was created for and originally published in the September publication of Muratho.

© 2020 South African Translators’ Institute

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