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  • Jasmine Heesaker

Language Watch Canada (May 2019)

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

May 2019 Edition


Soak up this month's edition of Language Watch Canada!

(May 10, 2019)

This article delves into how cultural differences can have implications on how Canadian healthcare workers effectively treat different patients.

(May 22, 2019)

This article explores how a new condiment on the market is causing quite a stir for those who speak Cree.

(May 9, 2019)

This article examines what it feels like to be disconnected from a language spoken by others in the same community.

(May 5, 2019)

This article touches on how speaking Dene Zahtie has positively impacted the life of one young man living in Northern Canada.

(May 9, 2019)

This article discusses the reasoning behind why Canada's official languages commissioner received 21 per cent more language complaints in 2018-2019 than the previous year.

(May 30, 2019)

This article states how it will now be mandatory for all Grade 10 students in Iqaluit to take Inuktitut language classes.

(May 3, 2019)

This article celebrates one woman's rendition of the national anthem in Cree that went viral after being recorded being recorded at the Fred Sasakamoose hockey tournament in Saskatoon.

(May 30, 2019)

This article touches on the subjects of reconciliation and Indigenous language preservation.

Some extremely interesting reads in May! Let me know if you found any other gems in the comments below.

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