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  • Jasmine Heesaker

Language Watch Canada (Aug 2019)

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

August 2019 Edition


This August was a real hodgepodge with lot of good mixed in with the bad. Take a read and leave your opinion in the comments!

1. APTN launches French-language national news program

(Aug 26, 2019)

This article outlines the new APTN French-language news program.

2. Air Canada ordered to pay French-speaking couple $21K over language violations

(Aug 29, 2019)

This article explores why the Federal Court has ordered Air Canada to pay $21,000 to an Ottawa couple for repeated violations of their French-language language rights.

3. Indigenous language, culture programs in Quebec receive $8.7 million boost from Canada

(Aug 27, 2019)

This article celebrates a win for the Indigenous community as, over the next two years, Quebec-based Indigenous language and culture programs will receive a $8.7 million boost from the Canadian government.

4. Chinese culture program removed from 18 New Brunswick schools

(Aug 26, 2019)

This article delves into why, Education Minister Dominic Cardy is determined to get rid of Chinese culture programs, which he calls Chinese propaganda.

5. New police chief promising to learn French

(Aug 27, 2019)

This article speaks about how Ottawa's new police chief doesn't speak French, but he is promising to hit the books to learn as soon as he starts his new job.

6. CAQ language commissioner could strengthen Bill 101

(Aug 13, 2019)

This article examines how the Quebec government is considering revisiting Bill 101 and creating a French language commissioner responsible for taking complaints from the public. It is worrying for some as it could be sending the wrong message.

7. Hear Indigenous language speakers from around the globe through Google Earth

(Aug 9, 2019)

This article announces a new Google Earth project called Celebrating Indigenous Languages, that is designed to honour the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages. Users of Google Earth are now able to hear over 50 Indigenous language speakers from across the globe saying words and simple phrases and even singing traditional songs.

8. Francophone nurses file language complaint over licensing exam

(Aug 1, 2019)

This article details how a group of francophone nurses in New Brunswick has filed a complaint with the province's official languages commissioner over an alleged "significant disadvantage" faced by nursing candidates who choose the French language for their licensing exam.

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